Why RingyDingyDingy Can’t Support Gmail

The two biggest feature requests for RingyDingyDingy pre-0.5 were Gmail and Google Voice integration. My goal was to implement them both for RDD 0.5… but, unfortunately, I could only implement Google Voice integration. It seems like this is going to be a long-term/permanent problem, as well, because Google intentionally caused this. Read on for why RDD can’t support Gmail.

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RingyDingyDingy 0.5 released!

I’ve just published RingyDingyDingy version 0.5 to the Android Market. I re-published it a few days ago after a long hiatus, and brought it back as a FOSS app. Before publicizing it, I wanted to give it some time to settle down, and add a few wishlist features. Well, it’s now at a state that I feel comfortable with, and has most of the features I wanted to add.

That being said, you can grab it from the Android Market here [market.android.com], and the Google Code page is here [code.google.com]. If you don’t have access to the Market, you can also grab the APK from the Google Code page.

Finally, I’ll be posting more here over the next few days about what I’ve learned on the way to RDD 0.5.