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Hello, I’m dririan! I’m a software engineer, and I created this blog to distribute information that I hope others will find useful.

Whenever I run into a problem (in software engineering, system administration, or really anything relating to technology), I first do a quick search of Google/DuckDuckGo to try to solve my problem. Why do more work trying to figure something out when someone already has? When that turns up no results, I do my own research, and hopefully solve the problem in the process. Once I get the problem solved, I’ll be posting information about it here, so that others can benefit from my research. Sometimes I may post information that’s already out there, but that’s okay with me! As long as this blog can help people solve problems, I’m happy. If you have a specific problem or want some information about technology, go to the “Feedback” page and leave me a comment! I’ll do my best to satisfy your request.

Thanks for reading,

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  1. hey can u explain the whole code of the ringydingydingy how it is working as i am new in android development so i cant understand what is happening in the code.

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